Talks and Presentations


I enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion with groups of all sizes. I have presented at club meetings, libraries, conferences, community events, and many other locations.

My talks and presentations can last anywhere from half an hour to several hours, depending on the group’s interest, available time, topic, and presentation format. (Obviously, a half day workshop will be longer than a keynote or club meeting.) I also like to allow additional time for questions after the presentation, because I know how valuable those informal, follow-up discussions can be.

If you are interested in having me speak at an upcoming event, please use the button below to begin a discussion about your event, my availability, and my fees.

Speaking Options

  • In-person
  • Virtual

Example Topics

These topics are meant to give you an idea about the types of subjects I can talk about and serve as a starting point for our conversations. I always customize my talks and presentations to fit the group I am speak with, so feel free to ask about other topics. If you would like, I can also send you a list of programs that I have given in the past along with descriptions of those programs.

  • Basic biology of different pollinators or wildlife (you pick the species or group of animals – honey bees, bumble bees or other native bees, butterflies, songbirds, fireflies, etc.),
  • Tips for attracting pollinators or wildlife (examples: planting for honey bees, planting for other insect pollinators, attracting songbirds to your yard, creating year-round habitat, etc),
  • Pollinator diversity,
  • Watching pollinators or wildlife,
  • Growing native plants in your garden or on your property,
  • Issues with invasive species (including why it matters if a species is invasive),
  • Basic beekeeping and / or things to consider if you are thinking about getting into beekeeping,
  • Nectar flows that honey bees use.

Sample Virtual Presentation

Backyard Ecology

I founded Backyard Ecology to help homeowners in the eastern U.S. build thriving ecosystems and explore nature in their yards and communities.

  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • YouTube channel
  • The Backyard Ecologist’s Newsletter
  • Membership community
  • Group coaching opportunities

Private Interpretive Nature Hike

Do you have a “wilder portion” of your property? (Doesn’t matter if it is only an acre or many, many acres.)

Do you want to learn more and wish that you could find someone to walk around your property with you and help you identify some of the plants and animals that are found there? Kind of like the interpretive, guided, nature hikes that are often offered at state or national parks, but on your own property.

That’s a large part of what I do with the on-site Habitat Surveys that I offer through Busy Bee Nursery and Consulting. I believe that the first step in creating habitat for pollinators and wildlife is to get to know the land by discovering what plants and animals are already there and by reading the stories that the land is telling us.

And, of course because of who I am, I’m going to share with you all the cool, fun things that I am seeing and discovering along the way. What that ends up looking like in real life is a private, interpretive nature hike of your property where you get to ask all the questions you want.

Whether we go the next step and discuss how to improve your pollinator and wildlife habitat is up to you. If all you want is the nature hike portion, then we can make that happen.