About Shannon Trimboli

Hi! My name is Shannon Trimboli. I have always loved exploring nature and learning about different plants and animals. In addition to my love of learning about plants and animals, I also have a passion for teaching and sharing my love of nature with others. My goal is to inspire my audiences to continue learning and become actively engaged in conservation through activities such as pollinator gardens, gardening for wildlife, and citizen science / community science.

Like many others, I started out believing that all the really interesting parts of nature were only “out there” in some pristine park or far-off exotic location. However, over the years, I have become completely enamored and fascinated by the plants and animals that are found in our yards and local communities. Now the tiny native bees, Carolina wrens, tiger swallowtails, and many other animals that inhabit our property intrigue me more than the exotic creatures that inhabit far off lands.

I’m also continually amazed by some of the seemingly basic pieces of information that we don’t know about the plants and animals that live around us. Just because they are common or local, doesn’t mean we know everything about them. In fact, sometimes we know less about our common, local species than we do about rare or exotic species because we take it for granted that the common, local species will always be there.

My fascination with our local plants and animals inspired me to create and host Backyard Ecology. Backyard Ecology is a weekly blog and podcast where I invite people to join me as we ignite our curiosity and natural wonder, explore our yards and communities, and improve our local pollinator and wildlife habitat. I also give virtual presentations and teach online classes on a variety of topics related to native plants, pollinators, and wildlife. (In a pre-COVID 19 world, I gave in-person presentations and classes. Hopefully, we’ll eventually be able to return to in-person activities, but for now all my talks and classes are being conducted virtually.)

In addition to hosting Backyard Ecology, teaching virtual classes, and giving online presentations, I am also a beekeeper and owner of a nursery specializing in plants for pollinators and wildlife conservation. My first book, Plants Honey Bees Use in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys, was published in 2018.

My career has been a winding road with lots of unexpected adventures and I can’t wait to see what’s around the next bend. I have approximately 25 years of professional experience in wildlife biology, environmental and science education / interpretation, citizen science / community science project development, writing, and desktop publishing. This website highlights some of my skills, accomplishments, and current endeavors.

I would love to talk with you about how I can help you or your organization. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn.