Wildlife Biologist

Photograph of me taking a bird out of a mist net.

Carefully taking a bird out of a mist net.

I have a B.S. in wildlife biology from Murray State University and an M.S. in biology from Western Kentucky University. My background as a wildlife biologist strongly influences the other aspects of my career through the citizen science projects I develop, the science communication and education programs I conduct, the topics I write about, my approach to beekeeping, and even much of my artwork.

My research experience includes studying birds, bats, amphibians, insects, and rare plants. My husband and I also own a small farm in south central Kentucky where we are working on multiple restoration projects to improve our wildlife and pollinator habitat. As part of the farm, I have a small nursery where I offer consulting services for improving wildlife and pollinator habitat. I enjoy helping others learn about wildlife biology, wildlife conservation, and ways they can improve the wildlife and pollinator habitat on their own land.