Updates and Upcoming Contact-Free Deliveries – March 2021

Spring is just around the corner! The red maples are blooming in the woods. The henbit, deadnettles, and harbingers of spring are blooming in the yard. The birds are singing more at dawn. The spring peepers are calling. There are just so many signs of spring all around us. It’s the start of a very exciting and busy time of year.

Duck Update

No eggs yet. The ducks should start laying any day now based on last year’s record.

Honey Bee Update

I lost one hive during that crazy cold weather in February. The other four hives are all doing well and taking full advantage of the red maple bloom. I have a feeling that April is going to be very busy in the bee yard.

Nursery Update

The plants that I am overwintering are doing well. Some of them are starting to show new growth, but most are still dormant. The seeds that I started in flats outside are all still waiting to germinate. That’s a good thing. As much as I’m excited about spring being just around the corner, I also fully recognize that this is March in Kentucky. We aren’t out of the woods yet for the threat of cold weather and snow. I don’t want my new seedlings to sprout too early and risk getting zapped by a late winter storm. I’m also busy planting seeds inside for many other species. March, April, and May are always extremely busy for me. I anticipate having the first plants ready to sell sometime in April. Exactly when in April will depend on the weather and the species.

Upcoming Contact-free Deliveries

My next contact-free deliveries will be Thursday, March 18 (Bowling Green) and Friday, 19 (Glasgow). I will have:

  • Honey
    • Locally produced by my bees located on my farm in Barren County
    • 13 oz glass, hexagonal jar
    • $12
  • Plants Honey Bees Use in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys
    • by Shannon Trimboli
    • 302 page
    • hardcover
    • $32 (tax included)
    • I’m happy to sign your book if you would like for me to do so.
  • A wide variety of nature and farm-related notecards
  • Gift cards for native plants from my nursery, Busy Bee Nursery & Consulting
    • you choose the amount
    • plants must be picked up in Bowling Green or Glasgow
    • plants will be available starting in April 2021

To order, send me an email with a list of what you want and whether you want to pick it up in Bowling Green or Glasgow. More details about how the contact-free deliveries work can be found at https://shannontrimboli.com/contact-free-deliveries/. The deadline to place an order for this round of contact-free deliveries is 8:00 a.m., Wed., March 17. Let me know if you have any questions.

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