Two Webinars Scheduled for June 2021

I will be offering two webinars in June 2021. Both classes build upon previous classes, but participation in the first classes isn’t required. There is also still time to register for my webinar on May 20.

Introduction to Honey Bees and Native Bees – May 20, 2021

On World Bee Day, May 20, I am teaching a class on the diversity and different life histories of bees in the eastern U.S. This will include both honey bees (our most well-recognized non-native bee, but not our only exotic bee species) and our native bees. There is still time to register for this class. You can learn more about this virtual class and how to register at Introduction to Honey Bees and Native Bees.

Understanding Herbicide Labels – June 12, 2021

In April, my husband, Anthony, taught a series of classes on identifying and controlling invasive species on your property. Based on the questions and discussions resulting from those classes, Anthony is offering another class on Saturday, June 12, designed to help people understand herbicide labels.

This class will explain:

  • the different parts of an herbicide label,
  • what each section refers to,
  • what signal words are,
  • understanding legal applications,
  • what the controlled plant list can tell you,
  • the different formulations of herbicides,
  • application methods,
  • and much more.

Any home or land owner who needs to use herbicide as part of their land management plan will find this class useful. You can learn more about this virtual class and how to register at Understanding Herbicide Labels.

Creating Space for Native Bees – June 23, 2021

Then, on June 23, during National Pollinator Week, I’m offering a class that focuses on creating space for native bees. Since most of our native bees are either solitary or live in small colonies of only a few hundred individuals. This makes them ideal for people who want to “help the bees” or increase pollination on their property, but aren’t interested in becoming a beekeeper. We’ll discuss multiple ways that you can encourage native bees and create a bee-friendly space around your home or landscape. You can learn more about this virtual class and how to register at Creating Space for Native Bees.

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