Shannon Trimboli’s February 2021 Upcoming Talks and Events

I hope 2021 is off to a good start for you. I’m staying busy and having a ball with my Backyard Ecology blog and podcast. February is going to be a busy month for me in terms of talks and events. I’m looking forward to giving a virtual presentation for the Woodford County Extension Office at the beginning of the month. I will also be teaching two live webinars in February. More information about my February talks and events can be found below.

If you are a member of a club or organization that might be interested in having me speak at one of your meetings, please contact me or have the appropriate person contact me. I am actively scheduling virtual talks and events for 2021.

Upcoming talks and events

  • Feb. 4, 2021: Woodford County Extension Office 2021 Horticulture Webinar Series
    • I am excited to be participating in the Woodford County Extension Office’s 2021 Horticulture Webinar Series.
    • My presentation will be on plant choices that attract pollinators.
  • Feb. 11, 2021: Nectar Flows: What are they and when do they occur?
    • I will be hosting a live webinar about nectar flows.
    • This class will be most useful for beekeepers in the eastern U.S.
  • Feb. 24, 2021: Native, Exotic, Naturalized, Invasive, and Aggressive Plants: What are they and why does it matter?
    • As part of Invasive Species Awareness Week, I will be hosting a live webinar that defines and discusses the terms native, exotic, naturalized, invasive, and aggressive plants.

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