Sept. 22 and 23, 2020 – Local Pick-ups / Deliveries

I can tell that the seasons are starting to change. The goldenrod has been in full bloom for over a month and we have lots of other miscellaneous fall flowers blooming on the farm. The honey bees have been working them all like crazy. The hives have the characteristic “goldenrod and aster” smell to prove it too. The honey that the bees are producing now is what they’ll use this winter when there aren’t any flowers blooming and it is too cold for them to forage. If you are interested in honey, I have plenty of honey available from my July 4 harvest.

As the days get shorter, the ducks are slowing down on the number of eggs that they are laying. I’m still getting several each day, but nothing like I was getting this spring or even just a month or two ago. But that’s the way it goes. As with anything, there are seasons to the duck eggs.

I am currently only selling duck eggs in half dozen cartons, because my egg carton supplier is out of stock and has been since at least July when I first tried to re-order cartons. The newest estimate for when the dozen cartons will be back in stock is mid-October, but that date has already been pushed back once.

Also, as the days get shorter and the temperatures begin to drop, many of my native plants are going dormant. That means the number of species I currently have available is beginning to decrease. I’m down to around 25-30 species of native wildflowers and shrubs.

Although we don’t typically think of planting in the fall, this is actually a really good time to plant perennials and trees / shrubs. Roots grow best in cooler temperatures and right now they have plenty of time to get established before the ground freezes without having to put a bunch of energy into trying to grow new vegetation at the same time. Fall planted perennials and trees / shrubs will often take off faster next year because they have more established root systems compared to what they would have if you waited and planted them in the spring.

My next local pick-ups / deliveries will be Tuesday, Sept. 22 (Bowling Green) and Wednesday, Sept. 23 (Glasgow). The full list of everything I’ll have available for the Sept. 22 and 23 pick-ups / deliveries can be found at: The pdf also includes delivery times and locations for each date. The deadline to place an order is 8:00 a.m., Monday, Sept. 21. Let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great day!

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