Pre-ordered Deliveries on August 27 and 28, 2021

Happy National Honey Bee Day! The goldenrod is starting to bloom and my bees are beginning to focus their attention on it. I still have some working my cup plant flowers, but the goldenrod is where the real bee action is now. However, the cup plant still has butterflies visiting the last of the flowers and goldfinches are starting to devour the first seeds as they ripen. I love watching how all of the different animals use my native plants during different times of the year. My next pre-ordered deliveries will be August 27 (Glasgow) and August 28 (Bowling Green).


Today, August 21, is National Honey Bee Day so I think it is only fitting that I announce the first of my 2021 honey will be available for purchase next weekend! This is the honey that I harvested in July. I sampled a little of it while harvesting the honey (how could I not?), and this year’s honey is very yummy.

Native Plants

As we move out of August and into September, it won’t be long before the heat of the summer breaks and the fall rains start up. That means the fall planting season is almost here. Fall is the best time to plant trees and bushes, and this year my trees and bushes have really taken off. My false indigo bushes and ninebarks in the 3-gallon containers need to sit in the floorboards to move them now. They’re too tall to fit in the back of my vehicle. I also have some swamp milkweed / rose milkweed that needs to ride in the floorboard too because it is too tall for the back. A full list of everything I currently have available can be found below.

Availability List

Here is the list of everything I’ll have available for the pre-ordered deliveries on August 27 and 28. If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help in any way I can.

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