When I was a young child, my parents often took us to craft shows on the weekends. A potter was at one of those shows and was doing demonstrations. Watching her was my first introduction to pottery and the art of throwing on a wheel. She let me squish one of the vases. I was hooked the instant my hands touched the clay. From then on pottery called to me.

But, I was a child with many interests and no easy access to pottery instruction or the tools of the trade. Life did what it does with many of us and took me in other directions. I followed my love of the outdoors and became a wildlife biologist and environmental educator. Yet, I continued to be drawn to pottery. Many years later, I tried my hand at wheel thrown pottery. I was immediately addicted.

I enjoy making a variety of ceramic art. My pottery includes miniatures, functional kitchenware, candleholders, hand-built decorative bowls and boxes, and jewelry/other accessories.

I am always trying something new. My favorite clays are porcelain and stoneware. I use high fire, lead-free, non-toxic glazes. All of my pieces go through the kiln twice. Inspiration for my work comes from nature, the outdoors, and functional wares used by generations that lived decades or centuries before us.

Below are links to photo galleries of some of my work. I sell my pottery in a variety of places including local shops, in person, and online. Please contact me if you are interested in any of my pottery.


Link to photo gallery of miniature pottery Photo gallery of ceramic leaves Link to photo gallery of other ceramic artwork