Plants Honey Bees Use in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys is Here!

One very full van.

My main shipment of books arrived on Thursday afternoon. They were delivered to Bowling Green because there was no way a semi was going to make it up my long, winding, gravel driveway. Mom and I were able to load 60 cartons into her car and my car to take to Glasgow this evening, but we still have 74 cartons left to move. I am very grateful to the WKU Research and Development Center for letting me have the books delivered there, for having someone available to run the forklift and offload the books for me, and for giving me a place to temporarily store the books until I can get them all moved. I hope to send all of the pre-orders out early next week.

First box of books opened.


I had specially designed shipping boxes printed for shipping my books.


Inside of the shipping box.


Shannon is a beekeeper, farmer, wildlife biologist, and author. She owns Grassy Roads Farm and Busy Bee Nursery & Consulting. Busy Bee Nursery & Consulting specializes in plants and habitat consulting services for honey bees, native pollinators, and wildlife conservation. She is the author of Plants Honey Bees Use in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. Shannon also writes a blog about Kentucky Pollinators and Backyard Wildlife and a farm and nursery blog that features stories of life on the farm, tips for attracting pollinators and wildlife, and highlights of different plants for pollinators and wildlife.



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