Other Types of Artwork

Creating is in my blood. While graphic design and pottery are the two types of artwork that I do most often, I also enjoy doing other forms of art.



Photography, especially farm and nature photography, is one of the other forms of art that I enjoy. I especially enjoy taking close-up and macro photographs. The little spider or insect on the flower can be just as fascinating to me as the flower itself. Currently none of my photography is for sale; however, I occasionally post some of my nature and farm photography on Facebook. You can also see some of my photography on the main pages of this website.


Nature Printing

Another type of artwork that I commonly do is called nature printing. Nature printing has been around for hundreds of years. Japanese fishermen and artists would use it to preserve replicas of the fish they caught. Early European and American naturalists created nature prints of the plants they found, often as personal catalogs of what they had seen. Today, nature printing is an art.

I use the direct method of nature printing. The direct method consists of applying ink directly to the object, pressing it onto the paper, and then gently peeling off the natural object. The sassafras leaf in my logo is a nature print that I created and scanned.

Green tulip poplar leaf print on a bright yellow card and an ivory envelope.

Thank You Card – Tulip Poplar

Every ink print is unique. Often a plant or leaf will only yield a single image before it falls apart. This is especially true of the more fragile plants. I can sometimes reuse less fragile plants or leaves; however, I rarely get more than three or four prints from the same leaf. Even if I use the same leaf for multiple prints, the ink never adheres to the leaf or the paper in exactly the same way. No two prints will ever be the same.

A photo gallery of my nature print greeting cards can be found here. I primarily sell my greeting cards in person or online. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of my greeting cards or if you would like to discuss me creating a custom card for you.