November 2020 Upcoming Talks and Events

October was a pretty busy month for talks and events. I enjoyed getting to talk with so many different people. It’ll be nice when we can meet in person again, but I appreciate the fact that so many groups are finding ways to keep going online.

I also love the fact that virtual presentations open up speaker options that weren’t possible with in-person meetings because of travel costs. I’ve enjoyed this benefit both as a speaker getting to talk with groups who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to have me speak with them, and as a member of clubs who have reached out to other speakers that the club wouldn’t have been able to afford to bring in for a traditional meeting.

The next couple of months will look very different for me. I will be teaching an online class about planting for honey bees in November and will be taking the month of December off from teaching classes. I currently don’t have any other upcoming talks and events scheduled for either month, but that’s a good thing because it gives me time.

I am working on a new Backyard Ecology project which I will be announcing in a few weeks and officially launching in early December. This project is pretty big, pretty exciting, and more than a little scary because I’ve never done anything like this before. Next month, I’ll share more information about that project.

In the meantime, if you are a member of a club or organization that might be interested in having me speak at one of your meetings next year, please contact me or have the appropriate person contact me. I am actively scheduling virtual talks and presentations for 2021. The sooner we can get your club or organization scheduled, the better. My schedule often fills up and I’ve had to turn several groups away because they waited until only a few weeks before the meeting to ask about my availability. I don’t want to have to do that to you.

Upcoming talks and events

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