Next contact-free deliveries Nov. 17 and 18

We’ve had some absolutely gorgeous days this week and I took full advantage of them! Hopefully you were able to do the same.

Most of our trees are bare, but we still have a few that are strutting their fall colors. We also still have a few scattered flowers blooming around the farm, despite the fact that we had our first killing frosts about a week ago. Those remaining flowers are a hub of activity for itty bitty native bees, much larger bumble bees, and my honey bees.

My hives are doing well and I won’t be going into them too much for the next few months. I’ll need to put additional food on a few of the hives to help them get through the winter, but that isn’t very intrusive. I simply lift the lid off the hive, put the food on top of the frames, and close everything back up again. I’ll probably put the first of their supplemental winter feed on around Thanksgiving. I like to do it around Thanksgiving in case we get a stretch of cold weather in December. Even though I’m not getting in the hives, I’ll continue to monitor their activity from the outside because they will be active on any warm, sunny day. However, unless I have a REALLY good reason to do so, I won’t be doing any full hive inspections where I pull the frames out and look at the bees on the individual combs until late winter/early spring. It’s getting too cold and late in the season to do that.

I have been doing contact-free deliveries every other week in Bowling Green and Glasgow, KY. However, for the next few months I’m going to drop back to monthly deliveries because I don’t have much to sell.

My next contact-free deliveries will be Tuesday, Nov. 17 (Bowling Green) and Wednesday, Nov. 18 (Glasgow). Since the only thing I have available right now is honey ($12 for a 13 oz glass jar) and my book ($32, tax included), I’m not going to make a pdf order form. Just send me an email with how many jars you want and whether you want to pick it up in Bowling Green or Glasgow. More details about how the contact-free deliveries work can be found at The deadline to place an order for this round of contact-free deliveries is 8:00 a.m., Monday, Nov. 16. Let me know if you have any questions.

Also, if you are interested in pollinators, gardening for pollinators, backyard wildlife, etc., then be sure to sign up for my Backyard Ecology emails if you haven’t done so already. I’m about to make a big announcement that I’m super excited about.

Have a great day!

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