May Webinar on Native Bees and Honey Bees

May 20, 2021 is World Bee Day, so I thought that would be the perfect day to teach a webinar about bees! Bees are fascinating and widely diverse creatures with many different behaviors and life histories.

Our most widely recognized bee, the honey bee, is native to Europe and Africa. However, there are over 4,000 species of bees native to North America, most of which are not nearly as familiar as the honey bee, nor as well studied. Researchers are only just beginning to realize how important our native bees are to both the environment and agriculture, especially small-scale agriculture.

In the class, I will provide an introduction to the diversity and different life histories of bees in the eastern U.S. This will include both honey bees (our most well-recognized non-native bee, but not our only exotic bee species) and our native bees. You can learn more about this virtual class and how to register at Introduction to Honey Bees and Native Bees.

Note: If you want to learn about what to plant for bees or other ways to create space for native bees, then I suggest taking my June class, Creating Space for Native Bees.

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