Habitat Consulting Services

I offer both in-person and virtual habitat consulting services to meet the varied needs and interests of my customers. Both services begin with a free, no-obligation, short survey about your property and your goals. This helps me better understand what you want to accomplish, what habitat you already have, and what your limitations are. It also gives you a chance to ask any questions you might have about my services. Based on your I’ll and potentially some follow up questions, I’ll  be able to give you a quote for my services that is based on your land and your goals.

In-person Habitat Consulting

Basic service

We’ll arrange a time to meet and walk around your property. During the walk, we will discuss your goals in more detail, identify the native plants, habitat, and wildlife that are already on your property, and suggest ways to improve your habitat to meet your goals. I encourage you to ask any questions that you have about your property and the habitat you wish to create. This is your opportunity to pick my brain and gain customized knowledge about your unique property. (Note: The plants I can help you identify are the ones that are mostly likely growing in the “wilder” parts of your property. Highly cultivated, ornamental plants are not my strong suit.)

Advanced service

My advanced services build upon my basic services. The basic services provide you with the information and knowledge that you need to meet your habitat goals, but you are responsible for writing up any plan based on our walk. With the advanced service, I provide you with an in-depth, personal, habitat creation and management plan based upon what we see and discuss on our walk.

Your in-depth, personal, habitat creation and management plan will include things like:

  • a soils map for your property,
  • a survey and description of your current habitat,
  • recommendations for creating and managing the habitat that you want, and
  • lists of resources that may be able to help you achieve your goals.

If you think you may want to take advantage of our advanced habitat consulting services, let me know when you fill out the survey. We can always add the advanced services later, but that may mean I have to visit your property again to take the detailed notes I’ll need to create your habitat plan and that will result in additional fees. However, if I know in advance that you may want me to create your plan, then I can take many of those notes during our basic services walk.
Honeybee on milkweed.

Virtual Habitat Consulting

Sometimes distance, pandemics, or other situations make it difficult to do an in-person consultation. Because of this, I also offer virtual consultations.

Virtual consultations consist of you sending me pictures and descriptions of the areas that you want to work on, a long with a list of any questions you have starting out. I will review your pictures, descriptions, and questions, before working with you to schedule a Zoom call for us to discuss all of this. (Note: With virtual habitat consulting, my suggestions and guidance are primarily based on what you show or tell me about. I may be able to gain some additional information from looking at aerial views of your property, but most of what I know about the property will come from you.)