Kentucky Pollinators and Backyard Wildlife

In June 2015, I started a blog called Kentucky Pollinators. My Kentucky Pollinators blog was dedicated to the pollinators of Kentucky and the plants they pollinate. After a short hiatus in 2017, the blog morphed into a weekly blog called Kentucky Pollinators and Backyard Wildlife. The blog features:

  • profiles of pollinators and backyard wildlife,
  • tips for attracting pollinators and wildlife,
  • highlights of plants that benefit pollinators and wildlife, and
  • life on the farm and in the nursery.

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Kentucky State Beekeepers Association

From 2015 through 2018, I served as the webmaster of the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association. As webmaster, I was in charge of posting content for our news blog. I also wrote and/or edited most of the posts. The Kentucky State Beekeepers Association news blog featured news and information relevant to beekeepers across the state.